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    • Full-time Center for Sport Leadership at VCU students who earn their 36-credit graduate degree on campus must begin their course work in the fall semester.

      Full-time students are expected to devote their full time and attention to the program while completing their degree, taking five classes per semester and participating in many other activities and requirements of the program.

      Full-time students complete the following schedule over 12 to 16 months:

      Fall semester — 15 credits (five courses)
      Spring semester — 15 credits (five courses)
      Summer and/or following fall semester — six credits

      The final three to six credits of the full-time program consist of an externship opportunity where students have the ability to apply the knowledge, skills and abilities gained in the classroom to an organization within the sport industry.

  • More about our Distance Learning Program

    • The Center for Sport Leadership at VCU graduate program offers distance learning for students around the world, provided they have Internet access.

      Through the Blackboard Learning System, online courses are held in real time and utilize virtual classrooms with audio and visual capabilities. Students enrolled in our distance learning program must purchase a headset with microphone to participate in course discussions.

      Center for Sport Leadership's distance learning students may begin course work during the fall, spring or summer semester. We offer at least one on-campus night course per semester for working part-time students, and offer four to five online courses per semester.

      The course work for distance learning students consists of a combination of required and elective courses. All students will take the same required core courses.

  • More about our Dual Degree Program

    • The Sport Leadership MEd/MBA dual-degree program at is designed for full-time students with an undergraduate degree in business. The curriculum is a total of 60 hours and can be completed in two calendar years. The Center for Sport Leadership courses are offered during the day while the School of Business MBA courses will be held in the evening. Upon completion of the program, the student will receive two degrees.

      The innovative dual-degree program will prepare students for leadership positions by combining the business teaching of an MBA program with sport industry-specific knowledge of the sport leadership program. This degree combination recognizes the growing complexity of the sport industry and reinforces our commitment to preparing students for the leadership challenges of the future.

  • More about our PhD Program

    • The PhD in Education with a track in sport leadership is a multidisciplinary program that aims to prepare future sport management faculty. Annual funding, full tuition remission and teaching/research assistantships are available. Applicants with varying interests including, but not limited to, marketing, intercollegiate athletics, sport for peace and development, consumer behavior, media and communication, organizational behavior, economics, and policy are encouraged to apply.

      The three-year program was created in conjunction with the VCU School of Education as a distinct track within the school's PhD in Education. Currently, this program is limited to full-time, on-campus students only. While the program is firmly grounded in foundational research methods, the plan of study is flexible and a balanced blend of practical application, self-guided learning and applied research experiences. Most importantly, students will have direct and frequent collaboration with the four dedicated faculty with respect to teaching, research and service.

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